There are many different ways in which people learn. That's why we've expanded the traditional summer reading program into a summer learning program to encourage participation in a wide variety of learning activities all summer long. 

Learning activities are grouped into categories: Write, Create, Explore, Play and Give. Feel free to use the recommendations we've provided in each of these categories or create your own. A full list of our recommendations for each category can be found when you select "Log an Activity" in your Summer Break account. And no matter what you choose, be sure to track your activities weekly. Click on the squares below to see activity recommendations.

Keep in mind: To complete the Summer Break program, you must either log at least 20 hours of reading OR log at least 10 hours of reading PLUS enough other learning activities for a total of 20 hours. Example: 9 hrs of reading and 11 learning activities will not count as completing the program, but 11 hours of reading and 9 activities will count.